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Tel:      0769 -85396950 / 85331816
Fax :    0769 -82,288,950
Email:: yanhuajidian@163.com
Technical Director:: 18925811046    MR Liu
Business Consulting: 13415868989  Miss Cai
Address:  Dongguan City Changan Wu Sha Lianguan Evergreen Commerce Building, 6B


 YanHua CNC  Line maintenance projects are: the main bearing replacement, the spindle taper hole grinding, spindle's dynamic balance is positive, the stator coil winding, replace the spindle rotor replacement, spindle, spindle disc springs pull claw change, solving the problem of top PCB drilling and milling spindle die, motorized spindle high-speed motor  waterway impassability, motorized spindle high-speed motor partial problem, electric spindle vibration  problem of high fever, the spindle  noise is big problem, the electric spindle high-speed motor  radial runout slants big problem.
        Major maintenance of the main brands are: health of razor, JieChuan, torque, the following, PuHui, posen, number of lattice, but long, xu tai, Beijing carved, Makino Makino, FANUC, ELTE S.R.L., OMLAT, HSD, GAMFIOR, GAMFIER, FOEMAT, FAEMAT, STEP TEC, RENAUD, Fischer, IBAG, Jager, STA, RPS, SEIKO, NSK, Mitsui, SKF, PRECISE, HPT, WEISS, KaVo, IMT, GMN, CyTec spindle, etc.

 Spindle motor repair and maintenance    1, retainer ring, "hey, hey..." Caus......More>>
1 Operating ambient temperature is usually 10 ℃ -40 ℃ 2 spindle supportin......More>>
  • Tel:0769-85396950/85331816  Technical Director:18925811046    MR Liu     Fax:0769-82288950
  • Email:1270579410@qq.com  Business Consulting:13415868989    Miss Cai
  • Add:Lianguan Changan Town, Dongguan City, Evergreen Business Building, SE2/6B